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Counselling and Assistance with Establishing Companies.

Establishing a company is a complicated process for which professional knowledge is needed. Trying to meet the expectations of our Clients who intend to begin or extend their business activity, the SANDEO Finance-Accounts Office offers support to select an appropriate legal form for the new enterprise.

Our services include:

  • A choice of the type of company for the needs of our Partners.
  • Preparation of the text of the articles of association.
  • Preparation of the documents of internal organs of the company.
  • Preparation of the documents necessary for the registration of the company in:
    • Court and Economic Monitor
    • National Court Register
    • Social Insurance Institution
    • Statistical Office
    • Revenue Office
  • Preparation of documents necessary to open a bank account for the company
  • Establishing companies, preparation of changes to the articles of association, filling up forms for the company registration in the National Court Register (KRS) and for the registration of changes in then KRS
  • Keeping documentation required by law, including keeping the share register
  • Current service of organs of companies including Management Boards, Supervisory Boards, Ordinary and Extraordinary Assemblies of companies

Our other services: