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SANDEO Finance-Accounts Office Services

We offer a wide range of services beginning with taking over particular functions and aiming at full replacement of the finance-accounts department. We are an entity taking over the whole of financial transactions.

Great experience of the SANDEO Company specialists in the domain of finance enables effective support both in analysing current efficiency of the activity with elements of strategic management, in taking decisions which from the company point of view are deemed key decisions, and in untypical situations, when the company faces new challenges, requiring special experience and qualifications in the branch of finance.

SANDEO Company employs and cooperates with specialists in the branch of finance who have acquired their knowledge working for many years for Polish and foreign companies, banks and financial institutions holding the positions of Finance Directors, Chief Accountants, Tax Advisers.

We specialize in:

  • Financial management
  • Supervision and keeping accounts supplemented with systems of financial and accounting reporting for the company management board and owners
  • Acquiring the sources of finance
  • Representing our Clients before banks, leasing companies and financial institutions
  • Foreign exchange operations management and preparation of transfers as requested by our Clients
  • Consultancy in the scope of laws, accountancy and finance
  • Drawing up monthly, quarterly, yearly finance statements, forecasts and analyzing them
  • Preparing budgets

We dedicate our Partners:

  • a full scope of services of a ‘traditional’ accounts office keeping accounts books at the seat of the Company or at the seat of our Clients
  • working out the Company Chart of Accounts and Accounts Policy
  • working out the instructions of documents circulation
  • assistance referring to the implementation of projects related to accountancy, finance and controlling

We also offer services related to:

  • beginning business activity
  • building an accounting department
  • control of accounts books and personnel-wages documentation
  • transformation and suspension of the activity and liquidation of business
  • pursuance of claims