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Accountancy and Bookkeeping

Basing on our knowledge and experience gained while managing finance in Polish and foreign companies we deliver all necessary financial information in accordance with the best world standards. We work out and update a Company Chart of Accounts and Accounts Policy concurrently adjusting them to the executive aims. We work out and improve existing bookkeeping procedures and the circulation of documents.

We offer our Partners:

  • Bookkeeping services connected with starting business activity in Poland, including registration referring to the NIP, VAT, EU - VAT to the Revenue Office.
  • Current bookkeeping at the seat of our Company or using the Client’s accounting software.
  • Drawing up CIT, VAT, IFT tax returns and monthly informing the Client about his tax liabilities.
  • Preparing finance statements in accordance with binding Polish law regulations and MSR (International Accountancy Standards).
  • Reporting according to the Client’s standards – drawing up reports according to internal models, procedures and terms.
  • Participation in inspection of the Revenue Office, Tax Inspection Authority (UKS), Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), National Bank of Poland (NBP) and cooperation with the Client’s auditors.
  • Supervision of accounting department and reporting to the Client about the state of bookkeeping.
  • Operational support of accounting departments or temporal replacement of the accounting personnel of different levels.

Our other services: