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Personnel and Wages

The service which we offer you is a very favourable solution for both big and small enterprises. The SANDEO Finance-Accounts Office provides comprehensive service of personnel and wages documentation.

We work out necessary regulations (of Work and Wages, Company Social Contribution Fund (ZFŚS) and others). We draw up civil contracts, management contracts and others. We also keep personnel records and prepare reports related to medical tests, industrial safety training, employees’ holiday, etc. We offer counselling concerning personnel and wages matters.

Within the service ‘Personnel and Wages’ we offer:

  • Calculation of employees’ remuneration in accordance with regulations, considering variable data delivered by the Client
  • Drawing up the payroll and wages reports
  • Preparing monthly wages notes, RMUA certificates, certificates concerning employment and remuneration;
  • Drawing up transfers and passing employees’ remuneration on their bank accounts
  • Drawing up information concerning payments for the benefit of the Revenue Office and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
  • Drawing and and sending to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) settlements declarations
  • Preparing yearly income information (PIT-11, IFT-1R) and annual tax calculation (PIT-40)
  • Assistance and cooperation with our Partners at inspections and controls from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), the State Labour Inspection or the Revenue Office.
  • Comprehensive keeping personnel records (personnel files)
  • Registration, making changes and signing off employees from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
  • Settlement of employees’ absenteeism
  • Drawing up and sending monthly declarations and the annual settlement to PFRON
  • Dealing with State Labour Inspection (PIP) in the field of the correctness of keeping the personnel records, delivering appropriate data and providing explanations
  • Drawing up personnel reports and lists

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