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Counselling and Assistance with Closing down of the Company.

The goal of winding up proceedings aiming at ending the company activity or one-man company is ending current interests, executing the receivables, satisfying obligations, capitalizing the assets and distribution of possible surplus among company members.

In case of capital companies the procedure of their closing down is a complex process.

Thus, trying to meet the expectations of our Partners (company owners) who want the smallest possible engagement in the above mentioned process, the SANDEO Finance-Accounts Office introduced to their offer a service referring to conducting the closing down process in conformity with binding law regulations.

SANDEO Finance-Accounts Office also deals with supervising and controlling the closing down process cooperating closely with the liquidator of the entity.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of Finance Statements required in the process of closing down i.e.:
    • Finance Statement on the day preceding the day of winding up the entity
    • Initial balance sheet on the day of opening the liquidation
    • Finance Statement at the end of the period of the business year
    • Finance Statement on the day of the end of closing down
  • Preparation of resolutions of the assembly of shareholders referring to the opening of the liquidation process of the economic entity and appointing liquidators
  • Preparation of resolutions of the assembly of shareholders approving the end of the closing down process and striking off the company from the National Court Register (KRS)
  • Complying with formalities in the Court and Economic Monitor (Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy) and in the register of entrepreneurs.
  • Complying with the obligation to notify appropriate organs of striking the entity off in the registers.
  • Assistance with preparing and handing over the accounting, financial, tax, personnel-wages documentation of the Company to the archives after ending the process of closing down.

Our other services: